Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sookie's New Bows

I ordered 24 doggy bows about five days ago, and today they arrived in the mail! They only cost $12 altogether (including shipping), which is very cheap considering that I've seen just one set of bows costing around the same price at PetSmart and on Amazon. Lynn Tatro, who I highly recommend, is the seller I purchased them from.

I didn't realize that I would receive Halloween-styled bows as well (bag on the right). How cool!

Of course, I had to immediately tie a pair of bows into Sookie's hair and take pictures. She wasn't too crazy about them (this is the first time we've placed bows in her hair) and moved a lot when I attempted to put them in, so that is why they don't exactly look perfect.


It is also not hard to tell that Sookie still hasn't been groomed, either, but we finally did set up an appointment for the mobile groomer to stop by this coming Monday. Hopefully by then she will look so much better with the bows - I just have to remember to tell the groomer to keep the hair on her head long enough so that she will still be able to wear them.


  1. We think Sookie looks adorable with her bows! The groomer will put them on for you if you take them to her appointment. Our mom brings Carl's tie for them to put him on when they are done. He really likes wearing it!

  2. We agree they are adorable. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh Sookie looks very pretty in her new bows,xx Speedy

  4. OMD, she looks even more adorable in her new bows!
    Lynne x

  5. Oh you made mine and mommy's day!!!

  6. Awwww! She does look adorable, if a bit worried!! MOL

  7. Aw so cute! Sounds like a good deal. I don't have much experience putting bows in dog's hair... I wonder if it is as hard as trying to fix my 1 year old's hair? ;) lol... probably not!


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