Friday, September 6, 2013

Buddies- Muffin and Stray

I let Muffin roam around out of her cage today and captured a cute shot of her and Stray on my bed. Stray always just looks at her like she doesn't know what to make of this furry little creature, but she never tries to go after her.

The sun was shining through the window so the photo is a bit bright and is not exactly the clearest shot, but I think it's still cute.

I also recorded a short video of Muffin in the bathroom. It's so short because I had to stop Sookie from trying to play with her; I was actually more worried about the dog than the guinea pig as I was afraid Muffin was going to bite her snout (and she has a hard bite, I know from experience!)


P.S. Thank you everyone for the well wishes towards my brother. My family has been talking to him, and I think he may also be going to the doctor for extra help in dealing with his issues.


  1. When I would let my Guinea Pig, Snickers, roam (years ago) she would find herself in the cutest spots. One time she shot into a Cheetoh bag, and we just couldn't get her out! When she did finally come out, she was chomping down on a Cheetoh and had orange all over her sweet little face.

  2. Muffin is really cute!! :)

    Carmine and Milita

  3. muffin is adorable :)
    btw, hamsters have a "hard bite" too! this i also know from experience. lol.
    wags, bailey unleashed

  4. Thanks Carmine, Milita, and Bailey! And yes, hamsters have a VERY hard bite. I used to work at a pet store and they bit me the most often- sometimes blood would just keep gushing out of the wound. It hurt so bad!

  5. Awww we used to have Guinea Pigs, and they used to run around the house all the time, we were never allowed to chase them, but we might have if mummy didn't put them in the cage when we went out,

    Have a pawsome weekend xx

  6. Oh, I love Guinea Pigs. Muffin is gorgeous, lovely the way they all get on together.
    Lynne x

  7. Wow I am really impressed that they get along so well

    urban hounds


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